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Born in Cagliari, Italy, Giovanni Puddu studied with Oscar Ghiglia at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana; Manuèl Barrueco, John Williams, Angelo Gilardino, Alìrio Diaz, Leo Brouwer, and has been awarded several prizes in the main international competitions. He carries on a concert activity that sees him collaborating with prestigious conductors, symphonic orchestras from all over the world, and chamber music partners of the highest international caliber.
Working alongside the greatest composers of our time, Giovanni Puddu is assiduously engaged in the extension of the contemporary guitar repertoire. He has brought to light unpublished and uncommon works of the original literature of the 19th century, choosing to perform only with instruments built from 1950 onwards, with Knobloch carbon strings mounted.
His didactic vocation has made it possible to identify a School of Interpretation with autonomous traits and free from instrumental restrictions: it boasts students who have become some of today’s most famous guitarists.
He has been teaching at the Accademia Chigiana since 2020.
Guitar and new music for guitar