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Tickets – Micat in Vertice 2021-2022

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Preferred seats (orchestra and I and II level stalls)
full €20    reduced* €17
Entry (III level stalls and gallery IV level)
full €15     reduced* €10

Teatro dei Rinnovati
view the seating chart
Teatro dei Rozzi – view the seating chart
Free entry

*Reductions are reserved for students, young people under 26 years of age, people over 65 years of age and associated partner institutions.

Special conventions 

Entry tickets at €5 for those holding the Carta Universitaria “Studente della Toscana” and for students of the Polo Musicale and primary and secondary schools of Siena, subject to availability.
Special conventions with affiliated partner associations and institutions.
Pre-sales and Ticket Sales
Tickets will be on sale:
– the day before each concert – from 4-7pm – at the Palazzo Chigi Saracini box office (excluding 21 November)
– the day of each concert from 4pm at the location of the concert (except 22 November when the box office will be open from 9:30am).
The Palazzo Chigi Saracini box office will also be open on 12 and 13 November (only for tickets to the opening concert) and 15, 19, 20 Novembre (for tickets to all of the concerts), from 9.30am to 7pm.
Online ticket sales
All tickets can be purchased on from 15 novembre up until 6pm on the day of the concert, using Visa or Mastercard, or with an supplemental fee of €1,50 – on
Tickets for the opening concert on 22 November will be available for online purchase on 10 November.
Ticket Reservations (tel. 333.9385543)
It is possible to book tickets by telephone from 16 November from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 9:30a-12:30p by calling 333.9385543.
Payment and receipt of tickets can take place at the box office during opening hours.
The reserved tickets will be guaranteed until 8:15pm on the day of the concert, after which they will be released for sale.


Season pass for all concerts (13 concerts with a paid ticket) 
Preferred seats (orchestra and I, II and III level stalls)
full €200   reduced* €170

Entry (gallery IV level)
full €150    reduced* €85
*Reductions are reserved for students, young people under 26 years of age and those who are over 65. 
Season pass holders may reserve dedicated seats for the December 17 event in the Cathedral at least one day before the concert.
Renewal / Reservation of season passes
From Wednesday 27 October to Monday 8 November – from Monday to Friday (excluding 1 Nov.), from 9.30a-12.30p – it is possible to confirm or book new season passes by calling 333.9385543.
Payment of season passes
Payment must be made – by Monday 15 November 2021 – by:

TRANSFER – indicating the beneficiary Fondazione Accademia Musicale Chigiana Onlus, in the following ways:

  • bank transfer to the account at the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
    (IBAN: IT08B010301421700063125544)
  • post office transfer to account n. 14032536

proceed to send the receipt of payment to the e-mail indicating name, surname, phone number and e-mail of the pass holder(s);

– at the Palazzo Chigi Saracini box office, on 12, 13 and 15 November, from 9.30a-7.00p

Passes can be picked up at the box offices at:

  • Palazzo Chigi Saracini on 15, 19 and 20 November, from 9.30a-7.00p;
  • Teatro dei Rinnovati on 22 November from 9.30a on.


Lost season passes
For fiscal reasons it is not possibile to duplicate the season pass.
In case of a missing season pass, the holder must present a copy of the declaration to the authorities of the lost item in order to receive a substitute entry ticket. 
Per ulteriori informazioni è possibile rivolgersi all’Accademia Musicale Chigiana
(tel. 0577.22091 o, nelle ore di biglietteria, al numero 333.9385543). 



Until 5 December 2021, to attend live concerts, those over 12 years of age must present a form of identification and the Green Pass that attests to one the following:

  • vaccination for COVID-19 (in Italy it is recevied after each dose of the vaccine)
  • negative test result from a rapid antigen test taken in the last 48 hrs or negative result from a molecular test taken in the last 72 hrs
  • certificate of recovery from COVID-19 in the last 6 months

From 6 December until 15 January, independent from the color of the region, it will be possible to go to the theatre and concert hall (in addition to the cinema, indoor restaurants, parties, discos, and public ceremonies)  only for those in possession of the green pass from vaccination or recovery. A negative test result from an antigen or molecular test will not be sufficient.

Exemptions for minors less than 12 years old, and those who have a valid medical certificate issued according to the criteria defined in the Circolare Ministero della Salute of 4 agosto 2021 will remain in effect.


To avoid delays, spectators are invited to arrive at the theater well in advance (at least 30 minutes) with respect to the start time of the show (or of the Listening Guide, for those who also intend to attend the latter).

At the moment there is no cloakroom service.

At the entrance to the hall, spectators will be able to sanitize their hands with the special gel dispensed by the dispensers located close to the entrances.

The use of a mask is mandatory (to be worn completely covering the nose and mouth) for the entire stay in the spaces of the Theater and for the entire duration of the show.

At the access gates there will be operators with thermal detectors (infrared / laser thermometer or non-contact thermoscanner) to measure the temperature. Access to the room will be allowed only if the body temperature is below 37.5 °C.

The ushers will welcome the spectator and help them to reach their assigned seat.

In case of need to use the toilets, it will be necessary to contact the theatre staff who will indicate where to go.

The ushers have adequate training and preparation on the protocols to be followed.

Spectators must occupy their assigned seat and it will not be possible to change it.

The capacity of the room is currently at 100% capacity.

Seats can therefore be occupied without interpersonal distancing.


At the end of the concert, all the artists will remain in their places and will bow to receive applause. The audience shall stay in their seats. After the applause everyone will proceed to the exit.

The public will leave in an orderly manner managed by the hall staff in order to avoid gatherings, while maintaining the minimum spacing of 1 meter.