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DANIELE GATTI professor and coordinator




The course will be structured in two parts: the Level 1 – Ordinary Course and the Level 2 – Master Course with an Opera Workshop on “L’occasione fa il ladro” by G. Rossini.

To be admitted to the Course, candidates must pass each of two eliminatory examinations:

a) evaluation of titles (diplomas) and the video documentation: the results will be sent after May 15 
b) exam for candidates of the Level 1 – Ordinary Course with the orchestra: 19 July at 10.00am (the lessons will begin in the afternoon on the same day)

a) Evaluation of titles (diplomas) and the video documentation

For this first selection, the following documents must be sent to the Accademia by May 15th: academic and artistic titles (diplomas), and educational and artistic qualifications proving the degree of studies achieved and directorial activity already started; a video (YouTube, Vimeo and other digital platforms, as well as private videos) of good quality made in the last three years at least 20 minutes in length (with the date and place of recording listed), a photograph of the candidate. All accompanying information must be included in the summary form with in the online application. The relative fee for the evaluation of qualifications of € 28 must be received by the Accademia before the deadline.

The Accademia Chigiana will communicate the results of the first examination to all candidates. 

b) Practical test with the orchestra

It will take place on the first day of the Level 1 – Ordinary Course.

Candidates who are not admitted as active students can follow the course in its entirety (Level 1 – Ordinary, Level 2 – Master and Opera Laboratory) as “auditors” or “active auditors”, at the discretion of the professors.

To be admitted to the practical test it is necessary to have already paid the admission-examination fee of €68 as indicated in the course regulations (see here).

The program for the practical test with the orchestra, and the program of study for the Level 1 – Ordinary Course will be indicated in the coming weeks on this page.

Master Course
On the first day of the Level 2 – Master Course (July 24) another selection will be made from the active students of the Level 1 – Ordinary Course. Two students will be chosen by the professors to conduct the two performances of the opera by Rossini, “L’occasione fa il ladro” (Teatro dei Rinnovati – 6 & 7 August 2021).

The reference edition is: G. Rossini, “The occasion makes the thief” – ed. critic by G. Carli Ballola, P.B. Brauner, Ph. Gossett, Milan, ed. Memories, 1994.

For this second selection the candidates must present the following repertoire:

–          One or more scenes from “L’occasione fa il ladro”
–          Additional repertoire will be indicated in the coming weeks on this page

The works that will be studied in the Level 2 – Master Course will be indicated in the coming weeks on this page.

The best students of the course, selected by the teachers, will be communicated to the ORT – Orchestra of Tuscany, the Orchestra of Padua and Veneto, the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra Foundation, the Symphonic Orchestra of Bari, the Teatro Massimo of Palermo, and other high-profile musical institutions for potential future collaborations.

Please note: Based on the evolution of the current health crisis, the Accademia Chigiana reserves the right to change the way the selections are carried out. All students enrolled in the course will be informed by the students’ secretary by the May 15th deadline.

Tassa di Frequenza
Tuition fees

Corsi di perfezionamento

Master classes


Active Students



Orchestral Conducting

Level 1 – Ordinary Course

Level 2 – Master Course + Opera Workshop


€ 510*

€ 275**

€ 415


* Students who attend the Level 1 – Ordinary Course as active students, but do not pass the selections for the Master Course will be able to continue attending as auditors, without any additional fee.

** Active students in the Level 1 – Ordinary Course who are admitted to attend the Master Course with Opera Workshop as active students shall pay an additional attendance fee of € 275.

All students who would like to be admitted to the lessons as “Active Auditors” shall pay a fee of € 34 per day to the students’ secretary.

Those who are accepted to take the practical test for the Level 1 – Ordinary Course and / or the Master Course, but do not pass this test, are offered a reduced rate to audit the entire course.

orchestra in residence
Matteo Parmeggiani
course assistant and musical director Orchestra Senzaspine

Level 1 – Ordinary Course
19 JULY / 23 JULY


Level 2 – Master Course


with the
Opera Workshop on
L’occasione fa il ladro
by G. Rossini
2 August / 7 August

35 years

A video recording must be included in the online application

15 MAY

course to be held exclusively
in person in Siena


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